Sunday, September 11, 2011

art journalling

I have been intrigued by art journals for some time and have purchased several, made a start but not really "got" it. Recently I visited a site I like to go to from time to time and the artist was running an online course called "Supplies Me" for people like me addicted to supplies but don't always get the most from them. You can visit Jane Davenport here and see. It is also a bonus that she is an Aussie so I don't have to worry about time zones and stuff happening online at uncivilized hours! This first week we looked at different types of journals and gesso. The homwork was to lay down some texture, I've used tissue tape, tissue paper and lace and scrapbook paper and then gesso over it. We then had to use pencils to create something. After the gesso I put down some colour and then started a drawing which I blocked in with cream paint. I used my colour pencils over that to create the figure. The background still needed something so lucky for me my Stampin' Up order came this week and I used a new stamp from "Delicate Doilies" and white ink over the background and slighty overlapping the drawing. I then went back in with my pink pencil and lightly coloured some of the negative space in the doiley to lift it off the background a little. This stamp set has 3 other doiley stamps in it and you can purchase it from Kay-link is also in the sidebar.

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  1. Hi Judith :) Nice blog. You make some beautiful stuff.

    Hugs, Sue (Supplies Me)