Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's been a while

It has been a while since I've posted and there have been a few reasons for that.  I normally only post my creations and don't blog about personal things but I ran out of creative steam in January after losing my much loved mini poodle Bonnie to a short and unexpected illness.  (I still have my photo with her in the sidebar).
What started out looking like a tummy upset turned into liver failure and I had to make the heartbreaking decision after a week of intensive treatment to have her put to sleep.  She was an amazing and loving companion.  They say you never forget your first dog and I am sure that is true.  For quite some time after that I just didnt feel like making cards or scrapbooking but one day there will be a scrapbook dedicated to her.   Recently I have started to scrapbook again and hope that once I have done some titles I can show some of the layouts I did on the scrapping getaway at Normanville recently.
A new puppy has also come into my life-little Abby, another poodle full of mischief and teeth!  Those teeth will chew anything and everything she can reach or climb to reach so crafting has become a bit tricky.  At least she will grow out of this quicker than children do! I've also started a new online course called Joynal by Jane Davenport.  The theme is fairies and we are working in an altered children's book and also a handmade book.  Here is the first of my creations in the altered book.  I have layered a serviette over the page and then used paint and gesso-the fairy dress is the serviette.